What GB Offers

  • Primary Satisfaction Studies (Through GB)
  • Full Service Quantitative and Qualitative Marketing Research Services through GB Partners
  • Full Service Research
  • Secondary Research


  • ESRI innovative resources
  • Internet Surveys using Qualtrics


  • Data Management through Tableau
  • Consumer Behavior/Attitudes Research through GB Team and Partners


  • Seasoned
  • Knowledge Leaders
  • Multitude of products/services and industries

Most of you know how primary research can help grow your business but how many know the benefits of Secondary Research

  • Identify the most appropriate target audience for your products and services without spending a great deal of time, money and intellectual capital…
  • Help Sales identify the most efficient and effect optimum target populations.
  • Quickly and efficiently generate competitor information
We like to help you accomplish your mission by helping you stellarize your marketing plans, marketing strategies, and tactics using data to make decisions…..

Fostering a Win/Win/Win Approach

What we can bring to the table

  • Timely insights
  • Reduced cost

Customer Satisfaction

  • You and your Clients
  • Internal and external

Market Value Profile Reports (MVP) and Geographic Business Analysis (GBA) Reports

Helping Organizations Learn and Grow through Secondary Research Knowledge and Insights

Market Value Profile Analysis (MVP reporting) – Opening up a business in Cuba now that relations are better….We could help with that…

Understanding Your Marketplace with MVP reports

Market Value Profile Mapping from GB enables businesses to develop exact profiles of your business, industry, product or services, using a host of agile databases to help you plan. implement, innovate or expand.

Want to know how many people went to the chiropractor in the past 12 months, where they went, and how much that office made in sales. Contact us…

Geographic Business Analysis (GBA Reporting) Includes but is not limited to Demographic , Financial Market Data Profiles and Projections, Psychographics and much more…

  • 2015 USA Median Household Income
  • 2015 USA Pet Spending
  • 2015 USA Facebook Users
  • 2015 USA Retail Goods Spending
  • 2015 USA Average Household Income
  • 2015 USA Median Age
  • 2015-2020 USA Population Growth Rate
  • 2020 USA Median Home Value
  • 2015 USA Tapestry Segmentation – Competitor of PRISM
  • American Consumer Expenditure Information by zip codes – Future market growth prediction models…
  • Real Estate Comparisons
  • And much much more…
Helps organizations conduct market profile studies, develop business plans and competitive analysis, SWOT Analysis, Feasibility Studies, and much more
Let GB take your data search off your hands. We promise to do it like you would have If you had time to do it yourself; and, or are more of an insights big picture guy; or simply don’t have the funds to use the BIGGER Market Research Shops…..but still want BIG VALUE for your Money.

Suggested GBA Full Report Cycle (Example)

  • Determine the voice of the audience needs, values and expectations to attempt to attract and retain optimal profitable viewers and internet users
  • Use primary and secondary research techniques to develop actionable insights to foster viewer internet user loyalty:
    • ESRI Geo-spacial mapping capabilities (more than traditional demographics)
    • Initiate focus groups
    • Use ideation sessions internally to brainstorm additional opportunities
    • Develop measurement system (internal/external) to identify success of research tools
    • But you decide what you need, albeit a full GBA program or ad hoc reporting…