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Your Go To Marketing Research Consortium


Our Customer Promise

  •  Affordable customer insights
  •  Decisions will be molded by voice of the customer
  •  Our reports will enable organizations to make decisions based on data, not feel or hunch


Why we do what we do?

We exist to help small and mid-size businesses get to the next level.

How do we do this?

We use current and up to date data/insights resources such as Statista, ESRI, and MRI and Simmons.

We are the low cost producers of market research insights. We are able to spread the cost of these resources over our client base.


What we do?

GB offers high quality/low cost desk research, secondary research, syndicated research (whatever you want to call it) reports that are designed to help you/your business grow and succeed.


GB Reports

  1. Uncover the information about your customer/ industry
  2. Identify new location/product opportunities for your business
  3. Populate the data/insights section(s) of your business marketing plan
  4. Forecast future growth opportunities – Location/Product extensions

GB Marketing Research Consortium

GB has a relationship with other market researchers that conduct other types of primary market research you or your organization may need to make decisions. So you can get all your insights information without having to hire multiple research firms.

All GB Consortium members are experts in their fields. (Primary Research – Quantitative and Qualitative) All have a minimum of twenty years of experience in their respective specialties.


Ask Yourself

Are your business/marketing plans/decisions based on data, or based on a feel or hunch? We know…

  • Like us, you are passionate about what you do. Your business is your expertise… delivering insights is our expertise

Do you currently have the most up to date, accurate information and insights about your Consumer/Industry? We do…

  • We can comprise industry/consumer reports for more than 140 industries, in the US & worldwide

Do you have the time, or resources to SEARCH, INVESTIGATE, COMPILE, DESIGN REPORT about your market? Can you do it in an accurate, cost efficient, and timely manner? We can, we do, and we will…

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